KConnect for a Hungarian Medical Publisher

The primary purpose of NOTA is to provide a platform-independent unified medical search engine for the Hungarian medical community that makes it easy to find relevant subject matter. Its aim is to help healthcare professionals in clinical decision making at point of care (at a hospital, at a patient’s bedside, in a consulting room or via telehealth technologies). It provides a reliable source of information by making the access of literature fast and effortless. Also, it supports the share of information within the professional community. It is possible to access to information stored in various languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Czech, Swedish, Hungarian) due to its multilingual features.

In the NOTA application we use the following KConnect services:

  1. Hungarian GATE semantic annotation solution.
  2. Mimir is indexing and searching for documents based on the result of sparql queries.
  3. Machine Translation Tool (query and result translation, language detection)
  4. MeSH (Medical Subject Headings)

KConnect provides a specific reliable and authentic medical content: KConnect KB contains biomedical data in different languages, detailed information on drugs and drug products, integrates information from different data sources and languages as well as drug interactions adverse events and contra-indications.

Currently the immense amount of knowledge base Akadémiai Kiadó provides is available in both printed and electronic format. The major objective is to gradually shift towards the latter one thus making relevant information updated, easily and quickly accessible independently of platform, place or time. Also, this way more feedback and statistics are available which is essential for further development. KConnect provides the appropriate technical tools to implement this goal.


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