A different approach to Healthcare Innovation


What drives us? 

KConnect multilingual medical information services and components have been developed to help the secure and safe flow of information through Healthcare. Key remains getting the right information, in a consumable format, to the right person at the right time – all designed in a way that can then lead to improved patient care & safety, while saving on resources at the same time.

What is innovation to us?

Innovation is about doing something better, faster, cheaper and/or facilitating something new that wasn’t possible before. We now provide a mix of new services and components to the market that have the potential to transform the healthcare landscape and provide a brighter future for patients.

What do we do differently that’s new?

KConnect services include the intelligent (semantic) processing of Electronic Healthcare Records and related medical information (e.g. the latest guidelines & medical literature) to improve medical search in healthcare systems and start the better flow of information.

The textual analysis we provide can help exploit the untapped goldmine of textual (unstructured) information within patient records. We can then semantically link information in a patient’s record to related concepts and content in all of the other medical information sources that you use.

In doing so we offer new ways of visualising and presenting information for fast consumption. We can ‘tag’ automatically content through semantic annotation for easy finding. Our UX (read: user-friendly functionality) can also help users to construct complex search queries that would otherwise may be cognitively taxing when short of time.

Who can we do this for? – Anyone who has a vested interested in finding the best information!

For example, we can help care providers quickly find the right historical patient information they need – even in the longest of patient records – AND then help them with query construction in order to find new or double check their existing knowledge. Thus giving them the confidence to make great decisions and provide the best in patient care and safety.

We can also help with getting new information out of (anonymous) cumulative patient records. We can even develop our anonymisation software to suit your own particular needs and governance. The textual analysis of cumulative records can enable:

  • Clinicians to see what medical information it was that their colleagues looked at for evaluating the diagnosis for similar patient symptoms or what treatments/drugs they prescribed for a certain diagnosis
  • Researchers to find new knowledge and insights into health or organisational processes
  • Administrators to become more efficient in auditing and coding
  • Campaign planners or trial recruiters to find the right patient segmentations
  • Patients to be able to find information in their online records (and who knows? related health articles in ‘patient speak’)
  • Medical professionals who want to be able to innovate or drive transformation – using information to support change

Why should you think about transformation from this very moment?

Our flexible and newly created technology stack can support many varied use cases. We can tailor solutions so that we can integrate with your existing systems and so overcome any ‘vendor lock-in’ situations.

What’s next?

Please start by telling us what you would like changing and we can explain how our services can bring about the transformation:

  • contact Mikael: mikael.hallin@findwise.com (Findwise are a KConnect partner)
  • visit our website at http://www.kconnect.eu
  • find out what we are doing with the NHS (UK) – the collective analysis of patient records to create Adverse Drug Event (ADE) warnings
  • find out what we are doing with Jönköping Health Authority (Region Jönköping County, Sweden) – helping clinicians to find information from multiple sources e.g. the Electronic Healthcare Record, guidelines and other medical literature, all in connection with a patient visit
  • set up an RSS feed for this blog and/or follow us on twitter: #kconnect

Please continue to watch this blog space with new blog articles from our partners and collaborators and feel free to comment 🙂



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